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.. yea... by Mike on 09-27-2002
UPDATE: AUG. 26, 2004

Here is the new version of page number 1. If you want to view the original page just click here.


So yea, this was the first page I drew for Vendetta, the cover page was actually drawn after the first 19 pages, which is why the character design(s) are a hellova lot better than what you see now. And at this point I hadn't finalized what Louis's hair was going to look like at different angles. Yes, it's in black and white... why? Because at the time I was busy with waterpolo, and I didn't want to lose a lot of sleep over the comic (later to my dismay, I found that that was inevitable.). So, the first few were in black and white. My original plan was to have the UBER important pages be in color, the general plot pages black and white/line art, and anything in the apartment to be a pencil sketch... it didn't work out like that now did it?

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